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Subject: RE: sound cards
From: Andrew Nicols (
Date: Sun Feb 13 2005 - 07:10:48 EST

Lol. M-Audio also have a microphone guide which is quite useful if you're
new to recording available here:

FireWire 410 is also bus powered, which makes it even more useful on
location as you only need to power your laptop and don't need to worry about
your interface. Also, having 2 phantomly powered mic inputs, and 2 headphone
outs which I think are assignable somehow, though I haven't played with that
yet, is quite useful.

Looking at their website, I've just noticed they're part of the Avid group
too, as are DigiDesign if that makes any difference.


Miriam wrote:

M-Audio isnt just popular... but popular because its solid and reliable.
even the casing is more solid than its competitors - making it better
for outdoor recording and/or performance. i used to roam about sitting
with my quattro and laptop in cafes, working on stuff on headphones.

the Firewire 410s, as Andrew reminded me - are the ones to go for.
they're fantastic - came out about a year after i got my quattro, and
dammit did i want one then. lovely, and fast. and very reasonably
priced. a worthwhile investment.

maybe someone should employ me to promote M-Audio?...... lol



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