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From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Sun Feb 13 2005 - 06:47:01 EST

Eliot Handelman wrote:

> Richard Wentk wrote:
>>> this is increasingly what i see happening today - that people are
>>> trying to tie down what music is.
>> But only in an academic intellectual sense. Which is - perhaps -
>> doomed to failure, because only academic intellectual art is academic
>> and intellectual. All the other kinds of art are anything but.
>> I think the majority of musicians don't think seriously about these
>> things. They just get on with it.
> What about Hit Song Science? Company wrote program that clusters hits,
> using some sort of
> analysis: for 50 bucks, you send in your tune and they rate it by
> cluster proximity. Some musicians
> seem to think this works.

and it makes sickly sweet sugar that sells megabucks to teenagers.

its a desperate way for a recording company system that slowly realises
that it is dying and being replaced by the internet, to cling to the
past. by making a quick buck out of teenage pop.

BigChampagne (i think thats the right name) is a tool actually used by
record companies to track file sharers, and to promote CD sales of the
music they are sharing. yeah - they sue fileshareres, but they're
dependent on them to sell their records.

it sucks... and its unlistenable. the only way i can find 'popular'
music that i like is actually file-sharing - and i'll buy it afterwards
if i like it - because its not promoted. only this sugar sweet crap is
promoted. i have to rummage through the mp3s instead of the records in
the back of the store thesedays.

its sad, and its not music.


99% of aliens prefer Earth

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