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Subject: Re: A one-dimensional universe of sound
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Date: Sat Feb 12 2005 - 23:49:57 EST

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Subject: Re: A one-dimensional universe of sound

> There is no quality without quantity. Quantity makes quality possible. In
> this case, "most" does equal "best". Of course a personal choice is
> executed when one selects, whether from a finite or infinite set, a
> particular possibility. I am not denying that. I am saying that before the
> selection is made, more choices means more freedom.

I'd agree that quantity does make quality, but not that *more* quantity de
facto makes *more* quality. Once you have two possibilities, the potential
for "quality" is born; but beyond that there isn't much (if any) progressive
correlation between the two. And again, as far as I can see more choices
simply mean more choices. I certainly don't want to give the impression that
I'm dismissing maximal choice or freedom. It's just that I think it's
fruitless to look for freedom in simple quantity.

Steve Layton

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