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Date: Sat Feb 12 2005 - 20:44:23 EST

Michael Gogins wrote:

> This is an interesting point of view. However I think that technology
> today really is different from past technology because it contains
> more decisions. In the past when I operated a camera, I decided the
> f/stop and the shutter speed and the focal point. Now when I operate
> my camera, the camera decides all these things. This gives me more
> power and less power at the same time, but it is certainly different.
> Similarly with cars. I used to fix my own car because all I had to do
> was use a gauge to measure the spark gap, the spark plug gaps, and the
> valve clearances. If I really wanted to get it into I knew I could
> monkey with the carbuerator (I never did). Today the engine is full of
> computers and software and figures out how to tune its own fuel
> compression. It runs for 100000 miles without needing a mechanic to do
> an engine tuneup.
> Similarly with music.
hmm, wish my computer would do that - i'm forever taking it apart....

i wonder when the day will come when computers will literally run
forever - some are super-powerful and can run fairly effortlessly, but
not without sysadmins and engineers...

nothing exists in the world of physics without friction either. to
extend that concept further - nothing can exist in perpetual motion - my
computer will always break down, i'll always be digging about inside it
- things will get better but i'll always have to replace motherboard,
processor, drives...

i actually quite like the control i have - or the interest - in doing
so. likewise with earlier cameras.

i like to make the decisions myself.

if i didnt with music - its a bit worrying: what sort of expression is
it of /mine/ - and what sort of expressiveness would music have? would
it lose that magical quality that nobody can put their finger on (no
matter how hard academics try) and become purely noise?

this is increasingly what i see happening today - that people are trying
to tie down what music is.

i tried once to hyper-analyse a Bach aria to see exactly what it was in
it that made me cry. (Mache dich, mein herze, rein - from the end of the
St. Matthew Passion). in the end i lost sight of the music altogether,
and had to stop listening to it for a month or two before i could get
the magic back.

try not to tie down music. it has its own life. anything else is heading
into the area of dangerously nothingness.



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