Re: Solo ea solo art

Subject: Re: Solo ea solo art
From: Eliot Handelman (
Date: Sat Feb 12 2005 - 21:05:31 EST

Rick wrote:

>Did you really see it as art? I didn't get the idea that had anything
>to do with it. Although it could become that way.
>I thought of it as a functional representation of the real estate it
>was and was offering (the same thing I guess in this case), but maybe
>the art definition is the problem again. I wouldn't see all artifice
>as art. Graphic design I don't see as art (for the most part) and
>that's pretty much what I saw.

Well, art to me is everything that we do and create for expressive,
amusement, decorative purposes, or generally
emotion and feeling related constructs. If entropia were merely a
trading board then maybe it
wouldn't help clarify anything by calling it art.


>The potential for art to happen is great though. Commissioning artists
>for your new-found kingdom is a natural thing to do.

Why not, but that would be a kind of art writ small -- big art is the
whole world.

-- eliot

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