colloquium mcgill [ montréal ] fri 11 feb

Subject: colloquium mcgill [ montréal ] fri 11 feb
From: jef chippewa (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2005 - 23:32:37 EST

elevator music for a big iraq attack.
in clara lichtenstein recital hall, music dept 555 sherbrooke w.
i've been told it's open, even though officially a grad coll.

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>James Deaville
>"Selling the War in Iraq: Television News Music and the Shaping of
>American Public Opinion"
>This paper uncovers the alarming extent to which music, the
>"ultimate hidden persuader" (Nicholas Cook), was conscripted by the
>broadcast media to shape American public opinion about the "War in
>Iraq." Interviews with composers (Peter Fish, Michael Karp) and
>network executives (CBS, NBC, Fox) reveal how the "soundtracks for
>war" had been commissioned and composed (before 19 March 2003) not
>only to promote a station's war coverage, but also to sell the
>military intervention itself.
>Dr. James Deaville is Associate Professor and Director of Graduate
>Studies in the School of the Arts of McMaster University.
>Friday, February 11, 2005
>Room C-209


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