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Subject: Re: Solo ea
From: Eliot Handelman (
Date: Fri Feb 11 2005 - 01:04:36 EST

Michael Gogins wrote:

> All right, I would call that kind of music inspired. But it seems to
> me that inspiration is the acme of humanity, not post-humanity.

I agree.

> There are many ways of conceiving or naming inspiration. Also I think
> that in the future, non-human beings or even artificial beings may
> prove capable of making this kind of music -- of being inspired.

That;s ok. Post humanity is about representations of subjectivity, as I
see it, just as art until now placed
transcedence of subjectivity at the fromt line of creative enterprise.
So represetations are just a new fgorm of transcendence.
One kind of rep. is the thing that "has inspirations." In this situation
the medium is totally the message. The music and
stoprioes and such won';t necessarily matter (I was once on the oracle
saying this).

Posthumanity means addressing ourselves as the totality of our expanded
situations in biology, genomics, neurscience, AI,
massiively scaled communications, changed world, etc. It's posthuman
because the constituents of our
identity aren't themselves human -- cells, evolution, oxygen, tectonic
plates, neurochemistry, etc.

> What I mean by that is music, like any art, has an objective substrate
> or medium. A book is in marks on pages of paper. A painting is paint
> on canvas. Music is pressure waves in the air. My esthetic holds that
> if the medium does not convey the inspiration without external
> information about the author, the medium does not actually contain art.

I find that problematic. Since I can imagine music, I assume it can'y be
waves in the air as if it were
being beamed in by some alien force (Mahler).

The paint and such seems to me relevanmt only insofar as some postmodern
commentyary i simplied by
the way an artist treats his paint. It seems to me mopre likely that
painting is some sort of brain facilitated
social constructt, also music.

> I agree that forgery matters -- but I would say the question of
> forgery is independent of the quality of the music. It matters because
> lying and telling the truth matter. But a work of art is not a
> proposition.

Yet art is always proposing things, no? It proposes to be taken
seriously, eg.

-- eliot

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