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Subject: Re: European Master Univs AND RE: Master's programme, Univ of Jyvaskyla (fwd)
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ANother list of UK based ea/music tech realted resources... looks good.

Quoting "Mauricio Duarte-Neira (039166d)" <>:

> Very cool, and in Finland :) I cant find the tuition though.
> I am very interested in pursuing a masters in Europe. I would like to learn
> also more about scholarships to study in Europe. I am Colombian, South
> American (working on my Canadian Immigration). I have seen degrees
> like the ETC at Carnegie Mellon and MIT, but I also like the Music Tech
> degree offered by McGill. So I'm looking for a masters on those lines, ETC,
> McGill, etc...
> Any ideas where I can find a list of univs that offer masters in europe (and
> in english) that comprehend Music and Technology with a combination of comp
> sci? I'm a double major bachelors in Music Tech and Computer Science.
> Cheers,
> Mauricio
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> [Apologies for duplicate postings]
> We are currently inviting applications for the Music, Mind and Technology
> (MMT) Master's program
> Please distribute this message to anyone who might be interested in Music,
> Mind and Technology. Thank you.
> With kind regards,
> Prof. Petri Toiviainen
> Department of Music
> University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
> The University of Jyvaskyla (Finland), Faculty of Humanities will
> launch the Master's Degree Programme, Music, Mind and Technology
> (MMT), in September 2005. Deadline for applications is 31st March,
> 2005. For further information please visit:
> WHAT IS Music, Mind and Technology?
> Music is ever-present in the modern world and affects people's lives
> strongly in various ways. Many people spend a considerable amount of
> time daily listening to music, or playing a musical instrument. Music
> can affect and regulate our mood and emotions, and can be used as a
> therapeutic medium. It has also been found to be important for the
> development of children. Modern research and technology enable us to
> study such effects of music.
> Music, Mind and Technology is a Master's programme that leads to the
> Master of Arts degree. The programme aims to acquaint you with the
> main areas of contemporary research of music perception and
> cognition, to familiarize you with the methods and equipment used in
> various applications of music technology, and to provide you with the
> skills needed for designing, executing and reporting empirical
> investigations. The latest technology, and recently completed studio
> facilities, will be utilized on this programme. The programme
> consists of 120 ECTS credits requiring two academic years of
> full-time study. The language of instruction is English.
> The programme is open to applicants from all over the world with
> Bachelor's Degree or equivalent, preferably majoring in one of the
> following fields: musicology, music education, music technology,
> acoustics, ethnomusicology, psychology, cognitive science, computer
> science, multimedia, information science, philosophy, mathematics and
> physics, or other relevant discipline. The applicants are expected to
> possess a basic knowledge of music theory and acoustics, as well as
> to be able to demonstrate their proficiency in English.
> FURTHER INFORMATION and the application form:
> Programme Director: Professor Petri Toiviainen, tel. +358 14 260 1353,
>, Department of Music, P.O.Box 35 (M), FI-40014
> University of Jyvaskyla, FINLAND.
> A printable version of this message can be downloaded at:

Andrew McCallum

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