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Subject: Re: Solo ea
From: David Mooney (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2005 - 09:46:16 EST

Interesting thread.

If a violin quartet is rendered via MIDI and played in a
concert is it a solo EA work? Is it the manner of
composition that makes it solo or the combination of sounds?
If an EA piece uses, say, two distinct sounds/timbres,
perhaps panned right and left, is this a solo work or a
duet? "Duet for Car Horns and Dog Barks."

Who is the "performer" of this tape piece? The dog? The tape
recorder/cd player? If a composer performs as part of the
composition process, is playing back the resulting EA piece
therefore a performance? Is listeing to a recording of a
Liszt piano work a performance? Is there really any
performer at all when an EA piece involves no live
manipulation of sounds? And is that a problem (It isn't for

Kevin Austin wrote:
> Yes, but Liszt and Schumann also wrote orchestral, vocal and (with
> RS) chamber music which called upon others to bring their knowledge,
> skills and experience to the work.
> Best
> Kevin
> At 02:11 -0500 2005/02/09, Eldad Tsabary wrote:
> >Looks like a very inspiring thread by the number of quick responses.
> >
> >EA music is indeed solo, not because the composer is the one on the
> >helm- that has been the case throughout history, at least the actual
> >composing part has - but because the composer is also the sole
> >performer. In that way it is no different in essence from Liszt or
> >Schumann playing their solo piano pieces.
> >

David Mooney

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