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Subject: The isolated artist / producer
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Date: Thu Feb 10 2005 - 06:05:45 EST

... and this (excerpt) just in.



>A Companion to Slug #10
>Frog Peak Newsletter

>Frog Peak has always been about music, but it's also been about
>ecology, the ecology of us. We've tried to find ways, over the last
>twenty years, of creating a healthy, sustainable community in what
>must be called a hostile environment full of predators. We don't
>think of experimental composers as invasive species the way the rest
>of the world seems to, and I guess Jody and I think of it the way
>you'd think of a big organic garden (of which Sarah and Ron's on
>Black Sugarloaf Mountain in Tasmania is a shining example):
>insanely difficult to keep going, but it just has to be worth it.
>As Sarah writes, in another section of "Extinction": "The question I
>am invariably asked by just about every landowner after a survey is
>'did you see anything rare?' I seldom did of course, which is why
>rare species are classified as rare. And while seeing a rare species
>is always a thrill, I get just as much pleasure in seeing those
>species that should be there -- because increasingly they are not."
>That's been the main point of Frog Peak all these years, to create
>some kind of permaculture for kinds of artists who "increasingly are
>not", or at least for their works. We haven't cared about fame, or
>promotion, or money, or success measured in any other way than
>Composers and thinkers like David Dunn, who are moving fast and
>furiously past the outer-limits of what is typically called art (or
>even, in David's case, science) are finding themselves without a
>niche, and threatened by the rapidly increasing deforestation
>pressures of academia, arts management, popular culture, and the
>homogenization of our society. We believe something is important if
>and only if a Frog Peak artist thinks it is. Sometimes we feel like
>that guy in upstate New York who keeps a large collection of apple
>species, most extinct but for in his orchard. We're dedicated to
>keeping our orchard healthy, and adding as many species as we're
>able to.
>As always, we need help. We're broke, understaffed, overworked, and
>frazzled. We can use volunteers for various projects (right now we
>could use some very competent web help), as well as sales and
>contributions. Frog Peak is a negative-capitalist operation that has
>struggled along for some 25 years now. We'd like it to go another
>25. To quote Michael Pollan, "eating is a political act," and so is
>music. We encourage all of you to buy local and organic.
Larry Polansky

(Larry, not to be confused with Paul Lansky)

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