Re: USB (music) keyboards & composition system

Subject: Re: USB (music) keyboards & composition system
From: Richard Zvonar (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2005 - 18:48:08 EST

At 5:30 PM -0500 2/9/05, Michael Dunn wrote:
> Does anyone have recommendations for smallish (4-octave?) USB
>music keyboards that would work with a program like Sibelius or

At 11:01 PM +0000 2/9/05, Richard Wentk wrote:

>For cost, the Novation keys are hard to beat. They're very cheap and
>plastic, but they seem to work as advertised. And 'cheap' can be a
>good thing.

Novation ReMOTE 25

This is a 2-octave controller with lots of knobs and faders. Four and
five octave models were shown at NAMM but a release date is not yet

M-Audio has a few controllers under their own brand and their
subsidiary Evolution

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