USB (music) keyboards & composition system

Subject: USB (music) keyboards & composition system
From: Michael Dunn (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2005 - 17:30:24 EST

    Does anyone have recommendations for smallish (4-octave?) USB
music keyboards that would work with a program like Sibelius or

    To put it in context, I'm imagining a basic little composition
system, perhaps a MacMini, running one of the above programs. I've
DL'd both demos, but without a keyboard, it's hard to say which I
prefer, or to see how they behave when "dictating" (playing in
lines). Also, I wonder how they work in a more improvisatory mode -
i.e., noodling around at the keyboard, then editing the resulting
notation down to the good 2%!

    So yeah, I guess I'm also very interested in comments about that,
and how the programs would compare. I don't want to start a Sib vs.
Fin war; they're both more than sufficient for my notational needs.
But I assume their behaviour in my proposed setup would be fairly


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