Re: edirol R-1

Subject: Re: edirol R-1
From: Louis Dufort (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2005 - 16:37:25 EST

> Hi
> I remember some discussion on this hard disk recorder previously. Did
> anyone here actually buy it and, if so, would you recommend it? I've
> been reading some iffy reviews, and am now looking to buy something, so
> wondered....
> thanks
> Katharine
Yes I got it.

It's nice, the interface is user friendly, but the meters are pretty bad
(latency and not really precise). For the price it's really worth it. The
internal microphone are ok but I got myself the RODE stereo mic (very nice).

The best part is that it's small, 24 bits (but only 44.1 not 48) downloading
directly into your computer etc...

The casing seems pretty cheap and it's very light, there's no little sticky
rubber under the unit which makes it pretty slippery on a table, beware
especially when your moving your microphone wire.

Also I strongly suggest a 1gig flash ram memory, so prepare to add an extra
amount of money.


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