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Date: Tue Feb 08 2005 - 23:55:50 EST wrote:

>I fail to see what post-humanity, or helmsmanship, or any other mark of
>personality or lack of personality has to do with the quality of the music.
>Surely the music is waves in the air? If you don't know who the composer
>is, is it still music? If you do know who the composer is, is it still

It's just a feeling -- that either the music is carried anway through
its own force, oir that someone
said "hmm, what next." Goethe says: "we sense the intent and it jars
upon us." Mahler could pretebnd to be an amanuensis
of the unverse claiming to be merely an agent of the music. That seems
false today, but
we grasp that the music is coming from some rather special place. It
lives on today in the legacxy of
our surrealistic heritage. A collective unconscious is involved It was
granted to an age when music was a common property and people
bitterly diusputed its fate as though "it" were something rather than a
social phenomenon. Kandisky
put beethoven at the apex of his pyramid of human spiritual advancement.
There were more things
in the universe trhan are dreamed of in all your tools and plug-ins.

that was the old situation, and something has to answer to this today,
which I'm calling "post-human."

In regrads your last two questions, consider the problem of musical
forgery -- it shouldn't matter but it does.
a forged work lacks the transcendant pedigree of the original master
whether you hear iot or not.

I don;t know what you mean by music being "waves in the air" -- does a
smiley go after that?

-- eliot

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