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Date: Tue Feb 08 2005 - 20:35:37 EST

i'd like a more detailed definition of 'post-human' before i discuss
this in any depth -

but: i find the concept rather disturbing in its soul-nessless,
un-humanity - like a ghost disembodied from the composer.

if we are not human, what are we?

personally, my music is human music, made using a machine - in the same
way that a great chef creates his /own/ banquet, using an oven.


Eliot Handelman wrote:

> Are you asking -- "is ea really a solo art in any essential way?" ie
> -- how does the fact that ea is solo affect the artiostic status of
> this work? To its advantage? To its detriument?
> Personally, I feel the effect is mpostly detrimental. It often creates
> the great composer syndrome. Whereas
> my feeling and wish is for somethingh "post-human": and ecertainly
> post-indivudual -- in the sense of indivduslaism as
> a kind of romantic byronic fantasy, un-pre-deconsytructed.
> I played some ea for a vizart friend and she commented "oh this is
> like someone at the helm, controlling all of this
> power." In this case the soloistic aspect of the piece trumped her
> into the feeling that a sort of self-presentation (at least via
> authorship) lay at the heart of these withering sounds , in such a way
> as to ruin the kind of experiemnce Kevin
> would endorse.
> To post-humanize is to compleyte;ly free the music of indivisual
> purpose, creating music via indefinite self-determination -- eg,
> algorithmically, chance operations,
> group improv, machine improv, interactive whatnot, or, in Cardiff's
> ccxase, ceding the role of composer
> (she was eminently in position to do so). A sense of the interaction
> of persons, or of things, rather than a presentation
> of the will of the individual.
> The question is, does this challenge ea's identity as do-it-yourself?
> Akousma suggested that, rthough not
> very radically.
> It's certainly a tough conceptual issue, the soluytions being in the
> forms of artworks that realize
> or negotiate both dimesnsions of the potential in indiv/ph.
> justr my opinion, of course.
> -- eliot
>> Best
>> Kevin

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