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Date: Tue Feb 08 2005 - 20:29:09 EST

Kevin Austin wrote:

> In my reading I have noted the lack of commentary on much ea art as
> being solo in nature, when compared to traditional musics / (sound
> arts). A string quartet requires 4 or 5 people (if the composer is not
> one of the performers), and choral / orchestral works call together
> many people (at the last stages of the composition > performance
> structure).
> This could be compared to the ea (sound art) composer where the
> assistance occurs before the piece is completed (equipment, hardware
> and software), but then almost all phases of composition /
> presentation are the responsibility of the single person. (Exceptions
> being cases such as the old european model of the composer in the
> studio with technicians / assistants.)
> To what extent does this "front-loading" of the compositional process
> have an effect on what the composer does (or can do)?
> Best
> Kevin
is ea solo?

much of what i compose is gathered from external sounds - be they
soundscape / noise / voice / life sounds or my John Oswald-style remixes.

i'm not working solo so much as working with others' sounds.

but when i come to put them together i am in my own mind. solo,
composing inside.

isnt any other composer also working solo, in the traditional sense of
composition - unless they choose to collaborate, or unless they are in a

i wonder simply what the difference is between our methods of
sound-gathering and composition, and the traditional gathering of
orchestral sound and composition.

it certainly for me has to be a solo process - i've found my own
psychology is very intraverted by necessity when composing - while i've
played in bands, i rarely find it easy to collaborate in composition
with others.


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