Solo ea

Subject: Solo ea
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2005 - 11:20:48 EST

In my reading I have noted the lack of commentary on much ea art as
being solo in nature, when compared to traditional musics / (sound
arts). A string quartet requires 4 or 5 people (if the composer is
not one of the performers), and choral / orchestral works call
together many people (at the last stages of the composition >
performance structure).

This could be compared to the ea (sound art) composer where the
assistance occurs before the piece is completed (equipment, hardware
and software), but then almost all phases of composition /
presentation are the responsibility of the single person. (Exceptions
being cases such as the old european model of the composer in the
studio with technicians / assistants.)

To what extent does this "front-loading" of the compositional process
have an effect on what the composer does (or can do)?



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