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Subject: Re: European Master Univs
From: Lisa Whistlecroft (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2005 - 05:12:55 EST

There is a VERY out-of-date list of postgraduate courses in Music
(and) Technology in the UK at

I last updated it in 1998(!) but many of the institutions still offer
masters courses and most of the contact addresses and URLs to the
university home pages will still be current, even if the links to
specific courses have long-since gone 404.

It's a start!


>Very cool, and in Finland :) I cant find the tuition though.
>I am very interested in pursuing a masters in Europe. I would like
>to learn also more about scholarships to study in Europe. I am
>Colombian, South American (working on my Canadian Immigration). I
>have seen degrees
>like the ETC at Carnegie Mellon and MIT, but I also like the Music
>Tech degree offered by McGill. So I'm looking for a masters on those
>lines, ETC, McGill, etc...
>Any ideas where I can find a list of univs that offer masters in
>europe (and in english) that comprehend Music and Technology with a
>combination of comp sci? I'm a double major bachelors in Music Tech
>and Computer Science.

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