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Isabelle visited Melbourne a year or so back and gave a seminar here. At
that time she reported on research associated with people with amusia.
People who could not follow or reproduce a musical tune could actually
follow & reproduce the pitch inflections within normal speech. So
Isabelle's team studied pitch changes in speech & noted that those pitch
changes within speech are quite large - e.g. > 3rd or > 6th. So their
hypothesis was that people with amusia can't discriminate small pitch
changes (e.g. < 3rd) as well as those people without amusia.

So I think we need to study perception, cognition, neuropsychology ... and
the perception of sound in space & its relationship to auditory streaming
are all pieces in the jigsaw puzzle. No one piece can be left out,
otherwise we don't get a complete picture.


At 08:43 PM 6/02/2005 -0800, you wrote:
>Isabelle Peretz has wrirtten extensively and interestingly about various
>bizarre music-related disorders.

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