Audio Games

Subject: Audio Games
From: Andrew Nicols (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 20:33:22 EST

I was just fishing out some links for a friend of mine and thought people on
this group may be interested.


I attended a Music Technology conference in November and two of the speakers
were from Utrecht school in the Netherlands.


One of the projects which they spoke about I found particularly interesting
- an audio based game for Blind people. The game is called demor and
involves a GPS kit, laptop, head sensor, headphones, and handheld button



Here's some links about it: (in English) (the Demor site but it's in Dutch!)


Here's some other similar games. Sneller/Drive was also created by students
at HKU <> also has a few links to
some other audio games but I don't read Dutch so I struggled reading that



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