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Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 20:23:18 EST

At 00:47 05/02/2005, you wrote:
>Richard Wentk wrote:
>>Exactly. I still think Kevin is missing the point entirely here. As I see
>>it, it was never supposed to be a piece of music in the usual performance
>>sense. Instead it's a piece *about* music and the processes and rituals
>>that surround it.
>>Incidentally, the choir's details are here:
>>just in case anyone wants to write to them and complain about the poor
>>quality of their work. :)
>incidentally, among professional singers there is still criticism of the
>big name cathedrals.
>Wells and Winchester rank among the highest - at least, when i left the UK...

It wasn't a serious suggestion. I live very near to Salisbury and as I
understand it they wouldn't see themselves as full-time professionals. The
politics of cathedral choirs are quite interesting, in they live in a
strange limbo half way between professional expectation and enthusiastic
amateur dabbling.

I'm finding the responses interesting because it reveals just how far the
expectations and perceptions of professionals different from those of an
average listener. What sounds shriekingly off to a professional will very
probably pass by an Average Person [tm] without being noticed. As I said,
none of my interested but not so very musical friends were horrified or
bored by the Cardiff experience. All of them said they enjoyed it and found
it memorable.

While not a huge or definitive sample, it does underline that there are
significant differences in perception. Would they have enjoyed a
technically perfect but perhaps less (literally) approachable recording
more, or less? Who can say?


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