Re: Hyper Teabreak Transmission in e-conferencing

Subject: Re: Hyper Teabreak Transmission in e-conferencing
From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 19:17:36 EST

macCormac wrote:

>Pardon Moi
>perhaps, we could combine HTTE avec la bistro beat? not to mention Hyper
>Text Music L'image Sound . . .
Hyper Text Nouvelle Cuisine....

of course if we all had Hyper Text Curry and Beer we'd have to move on
to SOAP the next morning (sorry.. baaaaad microsoft-related joke,
someone exorcise me and my limited programming skills please)...

>and this lattice dibit via DKimura @ - perhaps
>relative to your argument re Feminazi / Femininny . . .
>" Women's groups have been sadly effective at crying victim, to the point
>where men have become disadvant aged." (dkimura)

/very/ interesting.

i shall take a good read.

i was drawn to the article on women's verbal cognition being better than
mens - i'm afraid i'd have to disagree, being a dyslexic visual artist
married to a writer. my impression in coming into contact not just in my
family but with others is that men are in fact better at verbalising,
whereas women's temporal lobes are wired more towards imagery.

but I Am Not A Psychologist ;)

>gee maybe i should join th dis ability theory camp :-) thank you - i can
>open th door, but can you do physio / massage ? ;-)O
please do ;). i'd like to join you - perhaps with a bit of sparking off
th debate on your part, i might be able to get my cogs whirring which at
the moment have slowed down again if you know what i mean.

exploring epileptic music could be interesting though. thats been the
preoccupation of the last three weeks for me.
after all, epilepsy (or at least my type) is thought to be caused by a
buildup of excess sodium and glutamate, which aid the transmission of
electric signals in the brain.

our work is electrical signals, no?...
hmm... thinks... this crosses the border between my usually
psychoacoustic work and dis ability theory.... very (dis) in the ability
there and i thought epilepsy was just a pain in the bum.

and um yeah i do happen to do a bit of physio and massage - my aunt is a
physiotherapist and between here and my sister's athletics program i
learnt to massage... also yoga and dance...

>back to th books and sound theory . . .. of acoustics in our environment
>. . . and electroacoustic gaffer's tape . ..
a sticky subject. sorry, on website design thinking again.

>a tea party - we send could send electroacoustic techno to th "Grrrls in
>Iraq toTalk Back" :-) and enter th debate . . .
>empowerment of individuals and groups should not be at th detriment of
>i'd raise th awareness of th genocide in Sudan & Congo, if i had a Radio
>. . .
actually, now /that/ would be a very interesting project... if one could
actually manage without intervention on the part of radical factions
that seem to be interested in blowing up people going to the election
booths and such...

>been trying Rooibus with Chai Tea . . . Water Fountains with White
>Noise . . .
Rooibus is wonderful. smaakelijk as the Dutch would say (where the name
derives - Red bush - from the South African trees whose needles are
harvested for it). i've not thought of mixing it with Chai... let me not
pour it into my mixing desk though as i poured coffee on my computer
keyboard last week and deep-fried it for good... computer tempura anyone?...

>innit good with Peak (freans) Tea & Audio Boxes & Toast (adaptec) ?

speaking of which, time for tea....


>best, macCormac / sylvi
> / na / da / bc
>siwash rock & soundscape
>mc squared dj serious babbling brook
>grrrl dis abled in vaudeville at sound check

99% of aliens prefer Earth

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