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Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 19:02:54 EST

Kevin Austin wrote:

> At 03:37 +0000 2005/02/02, Richard Wentk wrote:
>> What I liked about Janet Cardiff's piece was that it wasn't about the
>> technical skill behind either the recording or the music.
> !!
> If the piece had not been Tallis, but this was an artist's decision.
> She could have commissioned a composer to write a 40 voice piece. I
> have spoken with choral people who were put off by the poor quality of
> the performance, and there was a sense of betrayal for me. I found the
> intonation and precision lackluster and insecure. I remained
> continuously aware of the failure of the team to realize the potential
> of the idea.

that just wouldnt have made the point.

as a trained singer who mostly works in the era of Tallis - i have to
say, Tallis's motet was a first, but it is as far as i know the only
work for 40 voices in such a style.

it is famous, it is infamous and its notorius (check what i said in
another part of this thread about hastily scrambled-together amateur
singers). musicians both love it and dread it - depending on the quality
of the performance.

there is no way that this statement in art could have been made without
using the Tallis motet. it is 'one of its kind' for its era, very
famously so - and it seems pointless, in fact it would make no statement
at all - had she commissioned something else.

on a humorous aside - there have been frequent and embarrassing
mis-spellings of the title. (enough that google carries several pages of
them, if you know what you're looking for, and it doesnt take much

in the case of this newspaper article i think it was deliberate sarcasm
though, as the second word in the title is also misspelled and means
'all' i believe.



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