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Kevin Austin wrote:

> I would have liked the choir to sing in tune and the producer to
> figure out what kind of sonic ambience(s) was/were going to be
> present. I prefer success to failure.
> The use of a cathedral setting for the recording was "interesting",
> but then the mics got turned off after the singer(s) sang their part.
> Was this Cardiff's decision? Was it a production decision taken after
> the recording when the producer realized the acoustical problems
> created by working in a reverberant environment?
> I too felt that the work was over over-conceptualized and under
> materialized, but that may have been what it was about, in which case,
> a lot of money could have been put into other projects if there had
> been even more conceptualization and a great deal less materialization.
it happens. it always happens. in both visual art, e/a and
'instrumental' music.

i wonder though - this thread has got me going, as a hybrid
artist/musician - did she want to show the effect of rehearsal among a
very average choir - in the UK, most churches have paid singers but some
of them can be terrible... the soprano or child voices especially... its
possible she wanted to reflect her experience of this - or did she
mistakenly pick a bad choir?

in either case, i can't judge, having not listened to the work - but the
impression i get is that she wasnt /focused/ enough on what she wanted
to portray.

i've seen this happen in instrumental and e/a composition too. a work
falls flat because it isnt focused enough on its context - it sounds
distracted rather than refined, shaped, worked on - like an artisan's
tools, like a sculpture.

it sounds as if the /concept/ and /planning/ was unrefined, rather than
the musicianship.

perhaps someone /could/ create a piece with the 40 voice Tallis motet -
which is generally performed by amateur choirs in scrambled-together,
poorly rehearsed settings - and convey that unrehearsed-ness.

my opinion without hearing the work is that its not so much lacking
musicianship as lacking /focus/ - which a visual artist should be able
to 'hear' as well as 'see' - err or maybe not as many people are
synaesthetic like me... i would have thought a high percentage of visual
artists are synaesthetic though.



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