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Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 18:46:46 EST

Richard Wentk wrote:

> I don't think they would. What I liked about Janet Cardiff's piece was
> that it wasn't about the technical skill behind either the recording
> or the music. Instead it was about the music in a very direct way -
> how people rehearse, perform, create, and experience it.

this in itself is interesting.

we as trained musicians come to a work that involves sound, and expect
by the nature of our training - without even realising it - to hear
something perfectly refined.

perhaps the artist didn't have the skills.

or perhaps the artist wanted something unrefined.

in either case, i do have some inclination towards Kevin's opinion in
that if an artist who is not a hybrid artist-musician is to work with
sound, there ought to be some form of collaboration with a sound artist
or musician, to 'fine-tune' the work.

but perhaps the artist's expression in sound takes on a meaning of its
own. perhaps viewing things through an artist's eyes rather than a
musicians training is something that we could take away from the experience.

or maybe im waffling on as i havent had coffee yet.

after all, i'm a classically trained singer, and work generally in the
style of Tallis, Ockeghem, Palestrina etc... so perhaps my initial
reaction would be as Kevin's - in my case to notice how wrong the
intonation and focus was...


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