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Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 18:30:26 EST

Ian Chuprun wrote:

> What would be a term for musicianship in the visual arts? Does it
> exist? Musicianship in music does not seem to stop with technical
> skill either, but I cannot think of how a visual artist would
> understand this idea.

random thought:

yes... i am both graphic artist and musician by profession... but:

i think entirely in pictures, and not often in words - i have to
translate my images to be able to speak. its a fascinating experience
but in relevance to music, it means that every piece begins with an
image or picture.

it's not hard for me to then translate that picture - or a complement to
the picture - into visual art.

i could go either way from the starting image - some of those gut
feelings have turned out as complex graphic artworks, some as music.

generally it depends a) on energy levels - if i'm exhausted, thinking in
pictures is natural, therefore i'll do graphic art - or b) whether the
image strongly suggests e/a or graphics. usually b) wins over - i don't
mind waiting, its the passion for my art that matters.



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