Fwd: University of Florida Graduate Fellowship and Assistantship Availability 2005-2006

Subject: Fwd: University of Florida Graduate Fellowship and Assistantship Availability 2005-2006
From: Kevin Austin (kevin.austin@videotron.ca)
Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 10:13:29 EST

Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 15:27:20 -0500
From: James Paul Sain <jsain@UFL.EDU>
Subject: University of Florida Graduate Fellowship and Assistantship
  Availability 2005-2006


Dear Colleagues:

I would like to inform you of opportunities at the University of
Florida for graduate studies in acoustic and/or electroacoustic music.
Assistantships and fellowships are available beginning fall 2005 that
include a full tuition waiver as well as a stipend ranging from
approximately $4884-$14000 annually (based on load and level of award).
The PhD Fellowship, a four-year award, only requires a work assignment
during the second and third years - first and fourth years are free of
such obligation.

The University of Florida has an outstanding program with many
wonderful opportunities to offer the highly motivated and talented
composition student. Composition degrees are available through the
Ph.D. in Music Composition where the student can focus in acoustic
and/or electroacoustic composition. Composers on faculty include Dr.
Paul Basler, Dr. Raymond Chobaz, Dr. Paul Koonce, Prof. James Oliverio,
Dr. Paul Richards, Dr. James Paul Sain, and Dr. Budd Udell (emeritus).

The program includes a very active and nationally recognized chapter of
the Society of Composers Inc (UF-SCI). This organization receives
funding from the University of Florida student government for an annual
compact disc of student works. The latest edition is currently in
production for a spring 2005 release. The UF-SCI produces several
concerts of their new music each year. Additional funding is available
though the student government to support student travel to national and
international events.

A highlight of the program is the internationally renowned Florida
Electroacoustic Music Festival. Composers from around the world
converge for ten concerts of electroacoustic music during this annual
event. For 2005, Morton Subotnick will be the festival
Composer-in-Residence (April 7-9, 2005). Composers-in-Residence for the
festival have included world renowned artists such as James Dashow,
Paul Lansky, Richard Boulanger, Barry Truax, Larry Austin, Joel
Chadabe, Jon Appleton, Gary Lee Nelson, Cort Lippe, and Hubert Howe.
The facilities for electroacoustic music include 24-bit ProTools, 24
tracks of Tascam digital tape, 16 and 24 bit Tascam DAT, Tascam DAT
field recording kits, Mini-Disc remote recording kit, octophonic
monitoring, Alesis ADAT, Symbolic Sound Kyma, MIDI, and high end Apple
computers with software such as Max/Msp, SuperCollider, Digital
Performer, jMax, and Csound, to name a few. There is also a dedicated
12 channel + sub octophonic & diffusion performance system (JBL mains,
Cerwin-Vega sub, Mackie amps and board). Another electroacoustic
performance opportunity is the UnBalanced Connection concert series.

Noted acoustic composers such as John Corigliano, Roger Reynolds,
Michael Torke, Philip Glass, James Tenney, Donald Grantham, Lowell
Lieberman, Samuel Adler, Daniel Asia, and Frederic Goossen, as well as
emerging composers, are invited to campus each year to give our
students lectures and master classes. Students and faculty alike are
also fortunate to be able to utilize the Phillips Center for the
Performing Arts, a world-class performance facility located on campus.

It is a delight to have a new music ensemble at the University of
Florida. Jointly directed by Dr. Jonathan Helton (saxophone) and Dr.
Paul Richards (composition), an integral element of this ensemble's
mission is the performance of works from the University of Florida
composition community.

I thank you for your consideration. More information on our programs,
and how to apply, can be found at -
http://www.arts.ufl.edu/composition/ or by contacting me directly via
email <jsain@ufl.edu>. More information on our program in
electroacoustic music can be viewed at - http://emu.music.ufl.edu/

Fellowship review will begin February. 15, 2005, (online application
means itıs still not too late) and we will be completing our
assistantship application review on March 1, 2005.

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