Re: [off list] Re: Attendance Requirement

Subject: Re: [off list] Re: Attendance Requirement
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Tue Feb 01 2005 - 10:38:38 EST

Do you mean like an email conferencing list where people would be in
contact every day? I don't know if the world is ready for it yet.
When I tried to set one up in about 1984, (at 600 baud) there was not
much interest. Maybe one day.



At 00:54 +1100 2005/02/02, miriam clinton (iriXx) wrote:
>Eliot Handelman wrote:
>>Why bother leaving this room?
>good point... i wonder when we'll get to the era of webconferencing?
>99.4% of aliens prefer Ivory Bach

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