a university's lack of studio equipment

Subject: a university's lack of studio equipment
From: bill thompson (innerd00r@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Jan 31 2005 - 17:11:10 EST

--- John LeLevackrDreverj.drdreverold.ac.ukukwrote:

>... in desperate need of investment by
> the University, and I for
> one, felt education was being compromised. Another
> session on "here is
> something we could do if only the computer worked",
> is pushing things a
> bit.

this reminds me of the 'studio' i began with...i think
the computer was actually prpreepentiumlong after
pepentiumsere out)...i would literally work for weeks
on something only to have the entire system crash and
fold before i could realize anything from the work.

what this resulted in was my fellow students and i
slowly building up home studios that we could work on
 and bring in pieces as works in process for lessons

a friend of mine has commented that this might be one
of the main differences between my generation (a
strong young 34) and his (very old 44)... that we have
our own equipment and 'kit' and don't depend on
on-site facilities as much.

i'i'mot sure if that's true overall, but it has been
the case with myself and most of the musicians
i'i'veeen associated with.

that's not to say a university should not supply the
proper equipment for the courses it's offering or
arbitrarily closing departments for 'more successful
departments' (especially if they are not giving the
staff the resources to be successful), just that
hopefully those wanting to be composers will still
find a way.



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