Re: pre-amps for binaural microphones

Subject: Re: pre-amps for binaural microphones
From: David Mooney (
Date: Sun Jan 30 2005 - 11:13:50 EST

I've had similar problems with the OKMs. One thing that
seemed to help was to by-pass the A3 adaptor and use phantom
power. Also, if your recorder has the option, try switching
to line-in rather than mic. It's difficult for me to
separate what is caused by the A3 and deficiencies in the
mini-disk recorder (HHB Portadisk). The built in pre-amp is
not terribly clean and using the wall wart adaptor
introduces an unacceptable amount of hum with the OKMs,
though not necessarily with other microphones.

>I am interested to know of others’ experiences with OKM binaural microphones: Specifically the DACS A3
>I believe the adapter is causing a lot of hiss on my source recordings. I have tested the microphones with
>another pre-amp on my mini-disc and the recordings were much more like they should be.

David Mooney

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