Position at Computer Music Journal

Subject: Position at Computer Music Journal
From: Doug Keislar (doug@musclefish.com)
Date: Wed Jan 26 2005 - 16:32:17 EST

[Apologies for cross-postings.]

Computer Music Journal invites applications for the position of
editor of news and announcements. The position entails an
average of 3-6 hours per week or less, and has no geographical
limitations. Detailed requirements are listed below.

Computer Music Journal, a scholarly quarterly from MIT Press, has
been published continuously since 1977. It appears both in print
and electronically (see http://mitpress.mit.edu/cmj).

This is a volunteer position: there is no financial compensation, but
the appointee will gain experience in publishing, and will be able to
participate in the "cutting edge" of the computer music field. The
appointee will be listed by name on the inside front cover of each
issue on which he or she works, and on the Journal's Web site. The
appointee will be invited, but not required, to attend the CMJ
editors' annual summit meeting in the USA.

The first year of the position will be treated as an internship,
unless the appointee is exceptionally well qualified and has
already achieved widespread recognition for his or her career
in computer music. In that case, the appointee's title will be
Editorial Consultant; otherwise, it will initially be Editorial

Applicants should demonstrate both eagerness for success as an editor
and a commitment to computer music. Interests might include
composition, performance, engineering, or research topics in the
field. Superb English writing skills are essential. A solid
knowledge of the computer music field will be invaluable in
ascertaining the priority of potential news items, as well as in
editing the chosen items. Members of underrepresented groups, such
as women, are encouraged to apply, as are all other qualified

The current editor of news and announcements, Richard Zvonar, has
resigned from the position, owing to serious illness and competing
demands on his time. We wish him well and sincerely thank him for
his contributions to ten issues of Computer Music Journal.

Your application should include:

(1) a brief letter explaining your interest and qualifications.
(2) a curriculum vitae, including education, editorial, or clerical
    work experience, and any publications.
(3) names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses of
(4) one or more short samples of your writing on any topic
    (a computer music topic is helpful but not necessary, and the
    samples need not be published).
(5) the date when you can start, preferably as soon as possible
    and in any case no later than March 1, 2005.

Review of applications will continue until the position is filled.

Applications accepted by email; send to cmj@mitpress.mit.edu.
Hard-copy applications accepted; send to: Editor, Computer Music
Journal, 2550 9th Street #207 B, Berkeley, CA 94710, USA. (Materials
will not be returned.)

For questions, please contact the Editor at cmj@mitpress.mit.edu.
(Responses will be sent from doug@musclefish.com.)

Position: Editor of news and announcements

     May live anywhere in the world
     Native English fluency
     Excellent writing and editing skills
     Frequent access to electronic mail and the Web
     Good knowledge of the computer music field
     Bachelor's degree or higher
     Access to a Macintosh or Windows PC with Microsoft Word software
     Familiarity with other languages (e.g., German, French, Spanish,
       Italian, Japanese)
     Receive potential news items and announcements from Editor
     Collect other items from Web, mailing lists, etc.
     Send collected, unedited items to Editor for approval
     Edit each item
     Send edited items to Editor and Managing Editor as Microsoft
       Word files
     Collect occasional artwork to accompany news items (such as
       image files from the Web, or hard-copy illustrations in

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