Re: Attendance Requirement (Spawned from Fixing Matters...)

Subject: Re: Attendance Requirement (Spawned from Fixing Matters...)
From: elsa justel (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2005 - 03:44:26 EST

This is a question that I try to make understand to organisers of
concerts since a long time ago. The same for the cases in which it is
necessary to pay for registering pieces.
Composers must be conscious that they are professionals as any other
(even students) and that they must be considered in that hierarchy.
The organizers of concerts should be able to get the necessary
subventions to realize the events and so, their activity will be really
justified. And also, they must pay the royalties !!
That in most of cases, they don't do.


> Completely... a recent call from Texas (i think) for student works
> indicated
> the same.... attendance is required... seems odd for a studnet composer
> concert. Limiting to the concert in the end.
> andrew
> Quoting David Mooney <>:
>> And financial. While I do understand the value of having
>> composers in attendance, for those of us who are
>> self-supporting and not attached to an institution that may
>> provide some assistance for attending these sort of work
>> related/professional development events, the requirement to
>> attend is severely limiting.
>> Kevin Austin wrote:
>>> (It
>>> needs to be noted that "attendance to conferences" -- often a
>>> condition of participation, is also a systemic gender-based
>>> limitation. But that's another (or the same) thread.)
>>> Best
>>> Kevin
>> --
>> David Mooney
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> Andrew McCallum

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