Fixing matters ... Is it time to move on? Re:Don't worry ...

Subject: Fixing matters ... Is it time to move on? Re:Don't worry ...
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Sat Jan 22 2005 - 11:05:23 EST

At 10:30 -0500 2005/01/22, William Osborne wrote:
>The best way to understand and solve this problem is for the ICMA to
>take a more active approach to cultural studies in electro-accoustic

I am not a member of the ICMA, but maybe it is not a group that
warrants the attention here. There are many other forums for the
presentation of cultural and aesthetic issues. For a long time I have
thought that the ICMA is a "computer music" association, and as such
will continue to focus on issues of technical developments. It may be
time for the development of a really inclusive international
electroacoustics organization that would encompass all aspects of ea
-- technical, cultural and aesthetic.

(Bourges and CIME have continued to demonstrate their impotence in
this area, for while they have festivals of works by composers from
many countries, they have no legitimate administrative representation
from english-language national associations (SEAMUS, SAN, CEC, ACMA),
and are only weakly represented in europe as a whole.)

To support my points above, I would direct readers to the
publications and conferences (topics of presentations) of the
associations listed. SEAMUS, SAN, CEC and ACMA have over a thousand
members, (some of whom are members of the ICMA and are members of
more than one national association), and the breadth of concern and
interest has been amply demonstrated over the past 15 years.

One could see that a new international network for ea has evolved
through the creation of email lists (such as this one), where topics
and ideas can be brought forward and discussed in an on-going
fashion. (This "on-going" nature is one of the principle failings of
the one-time conference structure. On-line conferencing, running for
days and months allows the gradual evolution of thought, and doesn't
have the "one-night stand" quality of a(n in-person) conference. (It
needs to be noted that "attendance to conferences" -- often a
condition of participation, is also a systemic gender-based
limitation. But that's another (or the same) thread.)



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