Re: this subject is too important to be closed

Subject: Re: this subject is too important to be closed
From: Elizabeth Hinkle (
Date: Fri Jan 21 2005 - 10:29:58 EST

>But there is another point that no one has mentioned yet, which is that

feminism has no useful answer to the current excesses of the zealots on
far right. Together with the other academic staples of Marxism and
Theory, it hasn't provided any effective intellectual opposition to the

rise of the Money Cult and its current alliance with the religious

An excellent point! This is the same criticism that is currently
leveled at the
U.S. Democratic Party - it is one thing to fuss and moan, it is quite
to provide alternative solutions and concrete fixes and choices.

As a musician - this is why I find the work of performance collectives
such as the School for Designing
Society so refreshing - they make art that seeks and provides solutions
to such problems.


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