Re: this subject is too important to be closed

Subject: Re: this subject is too important to be closed
From: Richard Wentk (
Date: Fri Jan 21 2005 - 10:21:53 EST

At 14:37 21/01/2005, you wrote:
>Regarding what iriXx has seen - this is very interesting because this
>has not happened in the United States - in fact
>the exact opposite.

Well, it's a more complicated picture. I think it requires a certain
exclusivity of mindset not to notice some of the overt misandry that has
resulted from certain strands of feminism. That's not to say that misogyny
doesn't also exist, just that it seems to be much harder to find academic
interest in the former than the latter.

>Especially as the U.S. moves increasingly towards a theocracy. In
>theocracies, of course, be
>they Muslim or Christian, the rights of girls and women are the first
>to go.

Everyone's rights are the first to go. Try being male and arguing with a
patriarch and see how long it is before some of your bones get broken.

But there is another point that no one has mentioned yet, which is that
feminism has no useful answer to the current excesses of the zealots on the
far right. Together with the other academic staples of Marxism and Culture
Theory, it hasn't provided any effective intellectual opposition to the
rise of the Money Cult and its current alliance with the religious sociopaths.

Finger-wagging about departmental quotas in academic departments is
irrelevant when those departments are being threatened to the point of
possible extinction, either for 'financial reasons' - which we've seen a
lot of in the UK recently - or because of more direct political pressure.


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