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Subject: Re: this subject is now closed
From: Elizabeth Hinkle (
Date: Fri Jan 21 2005 - 09:37:04 EST

Regarding what iriXx has seen - this is very interesting because this
has not happened in the United States - in fact
the exact opposite. Especially as the U.S. moves increasingly towards
a theocracy. In theocracies, of course, be
they Muslim or Christian, the rights of girls and women are the first
to go. That is why it is 'interesting' that the elections
in Iraq will bring the Iraqi's the government they want (presumably - I
am rather skeptical!) and that the newly-elected Shiite theocratic
government will first move to put women in burkhas. I remember with
amusement my very Republican brother-in-law telling me that I wasn't a
feminist because I was against the war in Iraq which he said would bring
freedom to women throughout the Middle East!

It would be interesting to examine the differences between situations
in Canada and the United States. It would
be especially interesting to examine the effects of these differences
on the making of music by both women and


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