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Subject: Re: this subject is now closed / open
From: macCormac (
Date: Fri Jan 21 2005 - 06:45:44 EST


why is this topic closed ? if people wish to continue to dialogue on any
issue . . . we cannot tell people to 'sit down and shut up'. Just
because we do not agree with their opinions does not mean we have to
'close th subject'. This is not about you. This is a larger discussion
and one that i think is very important.

i must agree that nazism has done greater harm than feminism or
affirmative action has ever done. That is why i do not like th term,
Feminazi. It is confusing issues. i wanted also to address your last
reply, which i can't (fully) at th moment and intend(ed) too when i have
a byt more time.

in terms of (dis)abilities, i'd say there's a growing awareness for th
need for (much more) accessability both physically and in working
opportunities and slow but real efforts to make it happen. Renovations
and Architechtual concepts are not built within a day, but some of th
most innovative architectural courses include studies re accessable
buildings. i've seen much more kindness than cruelty in my dealings
with people. i'm realizing that i also need to be receptive of people's
efforts to help even tho i may be able to open th door on my own. better
to be civil than cruel and have an attitude. that would be a disability.

briefly, i see young girls wearing far too sexy clothing to look like
britney spears et al (as in soft porn) and i am hoping that as they get
older they will realize their is a place in th world where they do not
have to get their self-esteem through becoming sexual objects but rather
where there are well paying and fulfilling work for them in any field.
and partners and communites who treat them with respect and expectations
that they can climb mountains.

ps Jan Larrson wrote : < Since the peak in 1999 we 've already had two
large cuntries, without any reason other than greed for geopolitical
power, start an agressive war, > He apologized for his swedish-english
but i would say this slip o th tongue can be read with a few
interpretations . . .

but now i am getting caught up in th dis-cussion that i was hoping would
be taken off list so maybe i have said enough. i would like to get back
to discussions of EA but then all of this is relevent to EA is it not ?
i would never have studied at University if it was not for all those
wonderful women & men who believed in bring about a better world for
all. i still believe in that world. Now we are just going to have to
dream and work a little harder. But how long do we have? We've already
poisoned th environment, our food and water and now we are polluting
other planets with our fighting and in fighting. Ah to Dream . . . of
better days . . . we may not have many left . . .

more later . . .

best regards, sylvi macCormac
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