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Subject: Re: this subject is now closed
From: jan.larsson (
Date: Fri Jan 21 2005 - 05:30:39 EST

You might want to read on some some history. There are some cruel stuff
going on in the world but you describe 'reverse-discrimination' as
equaling nazis worst???

As for your other points your observations may be more or less true.

I think what you describe is the effect of a worsening economic reality
and following drop in, lets call it, the 'collective social mood'.
These effects can be seen during longer recessions which naturally make
people more scared about their future and may easily fall into these
kind of traps. The deep recession during the 20's and 30's in germany
allowed the nazis into power which ended up in a big war.

Since the peak in 1999 we 've already had two large cuntries, without
any reason other than greed for geopolitical power, start an agressive
war, The arms-race are starting up again and in addition we have two
new clear competitors for the crumbling US empire (the euro-block (EU)
and the new Russia, China, India & Brazil alliance). And at the local
scale there are effects of the type you describe.

But the solution is not to give in/give up and join the possy. There
are lots of more-or-less powerful forces out there ready to use your
fear and desperation to gain power.

The solution is to even more actively protect human rights (of which
equality for women is an important part).

/Jan L. - sorry for the swedish-english ;=)

2005-01-21 kl. 06.19 skrev miriam clinton (iriXx):

> i'm seeing reverse-discrimination to the point where it /does/ become
> on a level of the destructive element of the Nazi movement.

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