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Subject: Re: this subject is now closed
From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Fri Jan 21 2005 - 00:19:02 EST

ok, one more reply, as sylvi is a good friend and colleague and someone
i have enjoyed discussion with...

i cannot deny, as a female bipolar and epileptic, that affirmative
action has not been of some assistance in getting myself and others
access to what we would not have been permitted to otherwise.

i most certainly do not deny the great work of MLK.

i simply think the /system/ by which affirmative action was applied has
gone to extremes. it's become reverse discrimination. thats what i was
trying to explain: that those who were in minority now enjoy an unfair
advantage and have become the majority. that it's now hard for a white
man to get a job.

i believe /firmly/ in equality. i'd be a hypocrite, given my own
(dis)abilities, if i did not. but i also strive, with my (dis)abilities,
to make the best of the person i am, to rise above the difficulties i
have, to enjoy the alternative abilities which a (dis) ability brings...
i would believe that your work, also, sylvi, strives to do the same? we
share the struggle - as well as the struggle for equality.

but /equality/ is not what i'm seeing at the moment.

this is what i see:

as for (dis)abilities, i'd say there's more stigma than ever before. but
thats another subject for a separate discussion - its a whole different
kettle of fish. this began in the discussion of women vs men in e/a.

i'm seeing the results of the affirmative action movement in /further/
division between ethnic groups, and /more/ racial hatred, rather than
harmony among different people.

people resent the advantage of one group over another - whichever ethnic
group this may be - white/black/hispanic/asian/turkish/balkan etc.etc. -
each group is lashing out against the other when one gains an advantage
over the other.

thats a system that doesnt work.

i'm seeing division, rather than harmony and equality, between the sexes.

i'm seeing young girls brought up to hate men.

i'm seeing reverse-discrimination to the point where it /does/ become on
a level of the destructive element of the Nazi movement.

i've seen this first hand, and i'm saddened by it.

its destroying society.

*/surely there's a better way to achieve equality, and more importantly,

that was my point.

as i said before, i'm not gonna speak for Kwis's language though. that
belonged to a seperate thread of his own, which i will not defend.


macCormac wrote:

>dear CEC / CBC / BBC / ABC / BBC / ZBC
>i have withheld from writing but it's about time i do. Just as we have
>freedom to speak our mind here (with out slamming others - either
>directly or by asides) we cannot as individuals decide when a subject is
>open / closed or when it needs further analysis. This discussion is
>valuable in terms of ettiquette and nettiquette in th larger sense. i
>did not hear Kevin ask to take this subject off line but sometime ago i
>was going to ask that it was because it seemed to have veered from
>gender with ea to bashing. i am writing now to voice my own thoughts on
>some of what has been said.
>i find Thrashes emails to be of th violent sort, whether in fact it is
>humour at all, dis-abling good folks through snide and cruel jest,
>calling men and/or women by names often assoiciated with bodily parts
>usually opposite to their gender. i recall when i spoke favourably of
>Barry Truax, Eigenfeldt, Martin et al being of th highest calibre when a
>student from Concordia wanted some news of studies here. Thrash aka Kris
>aka Kiss my . . . wrote 'Lick My Power Pump'. Took me a while get it,
>but i guess it's like that punk rock 'girl' band called Lick My Pole,
>and he meant that i was either apple polishing and/or on th couch with
>th director(s) or that he wished someone would lick his. i had already
>graduated but regardless, i never did relate to that that kind o humour
>. . . okay innit his masturbatory monologue but do we have to listen to
>him blowing wind.
>While i do know there are evil wo/men (whether femisist or not) there
>are many more kind souls (suffragettes et al) who have fought for
>equality and access for all. Socio-psycho-paths reside in academica in
>bakeries in rock and roll bands in co-operative housing in corporations
>etc. Wherever they go they generally abuse individuals and any system to
>their advance. Women / Men either Able / Disabled can all screw th
>system in words and deeds. However for th most part feminism and
>humanism has brought much to be thankful for in our lives including
>Affirmative Action. We would not be here on line together discussing
>gender issues unless good people had made significant inroads. While
>there are some women who hate men and visa vi they may or may not be
>Feminists/Humanists. i think that 'Feminazi' is an unfortunate term as
>neither Nazism support women's or men's rights and Feminism does not
>support Nazism. i do not believe Feminism has destroyed th fabric of
>society or th family. Rather Feminism believes and works for th equality
>of both women and men in every aspect of working and family life.
>best regards, sylvi macCormac
> / na / da / bc
>siwash rock and sounscape
>mc squared dj babbling brook
>grrrl dis abled in vaudeville
>Kevin Austin wrote:
>>In my experience, we all seek greater tolerance from others.

99% of aliens prefer Earth

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