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Subject: re: this subject is now closed
From: macCormac (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2005 - 22:21:26 EST

dear CEC / CBC / BBC / ABC / BBC / ZBC

i have withheld from writing but it's about time i do. Just as we have
freedom to speak our mind here (with out slamming others - either
directly or by asides) we cannot as individuals decide when a subject is
open / closed or when it needs further analysis. This discussion is
valuable in terms of ettiquette and nettiquette in th larger sense. i
did not hear Kevin ask to take this subject off line but sometime ago i
was going to ask that it was because it seemed to have veered from
gender with ea to bashing. i am writing now to voice my own thoughts on
some of what has been said.

i find Thrashes emails to be of th violent sort, whether in fact it is
humour at all, dis-abling good folks through snide and cruel jest,
calling men and/or women by names often assoiciated with bodily parts
usually opposite to their gender. i recall when i spoke favourably of
Barry Truax, Eigenfeldt, Martin et al being of th highest calibre when a
student from Concordia wanted some news of studies here. Thrash aka Kris
aka Kiss my . . . wrote 'Lick My Power Pump'. Took me a while get it,
but i guess it's like that punk rock 'girl' band called Lick My Pole,
and he meant that i was either apple polishing and/or on th couch with
th director(s) or that he wished someone would lick his. i had already
graduated but regardless, i never did relate to that that kind o humour
. . . okay innit his masturbatory monologue but do we have to listen to
him blowing wind.

While i do know there are evil wo/men (whether femisist or not) there
are many more kind souls (suffragettes et al) who have fought for
equality and access for all. Socio-psycho-paths reside in academica in
bakeries in rock and roll bands in co-operative housing in corporations
etc. Wherever they go they generally abuse individuals and any system to
their advance. Women / Men either Able / Disabled can all screw th
system in words and deeds. However for th most part feminism and
humanism has brought much to be thankful for in our lives including
Affirmative Action. We would not be here on line together discussing
gender issues unless good people had made significant inroads. While
there are some women who hate men and visa vi they may or may not be
Feminists/Humanists. i think that 'Feminazi' is an unfortunate term as
neither Nazism support women's or men's rights and Feminism does not
support Nazism. i do not believe Feminism has destroyed th fabric of
society or th family. Rather Feminism believes and works for th equality
of both women and men in every aspect of working and family life.

best regards, sylvi macCormac
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ / na / da / bc
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Kevin Austin wrote:

> In my experience, we all seek greater tolerance from others.
> Hmmmmm
> Best
> Kevin

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