RE: Simultaneity - update

Subject: RE: Simultaneity - update
From: Helena Gough (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2005 - 18:08:14 EST


sorry, i hadn't realised that you wanted the recordings sent already.
i should be able to get mine from my studio on monday, though it really
isn't very exciting i'm afraid!
what address should i send it to?

Helena Gough

>From: pmw music <>
>Subject: Simultaneity - update
>Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 09:07:05 -0800 (PST)
>Dear all,
>just a quick update on the progress of the
>Simultaneity project.
>My apologies to have not given feedback sooner, but
>Christmas and ill health have held the process up a
>I am still receiving recordings and would very much
>like to receive any remaining recordings from those of
>you who haven't sent them yet.
>There are some excellent sounds - the dawn choruses of
>New Zealand, the clock shop in San Francisco,
>motorbikes in Mumbai, distant Norwegian chatter,
>clocks in London, New York, Germany, etc - its a long
>list and it's quite extraordinary when you put them
>side by side.
>The interest in the project has been superb with the
>first radio coverage on Resonance FM (UK) on Feb 9th
>at 7.30. The installation will receive a 'test run' at
>Battersea Arts Centre, London from April 11 - 18, with
>audiences invited to come and give feedback - I will
>be running a small system with 12 speakers.
>It is then hoped to give the first proper airing at
>Expo 966 in Scarborough in June - followed by an
>installation in a London Gallery in October.
>I am also hoping to use sounds from the installation
>for an orchestra/choir commission I'm working on: it's
>a piece to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the UN
>charter, which premieres at the rather perfectly
>shaped Albert Hall with the Royal Philharmonic on
>October 19th - the plan is to run the speakers around
>the top gallery and for there to be parts of the score
>given over to/interacting with the installation -
>well, that's the plan at least, we have to wade
>through budgets and technical specs yet.
>I am hoping that there will be more simultaneous
>recordings before long, the project now has the
>benefit of a production manager, John Sims and is very
>close to having a management company to keep it on the
>straight and narrow.
>The web site continues to evade me (I'm very slow) but
>there should be information, if not examples of
>recordings, at withhin a week or so.
>Needless to say, in all these things, I'm very aware
>that much of the work of the project has come from
>volunteers all over the world - no recording will be
>used without crediting the recordist and I will seek
>consent before using recordings in any form of public
>presentation (broadcast, installation, web etc).
>I will hope to give more info soon - please do send
>any outstanding recordings!!
>best wishes
>Pete M Wyer

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