Soundings ... Feb 5/6 2005

Subject: Soundings ... Feb 5/6 2005
From: Robert Dow (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2005 - 07:03:44 EST

Soundings ... 2004/05: three weekends of Sonic Art

Final weekend - Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th February, 2005
Reid Concert Hall, Bristo Square, Edinburgh, Scotland

Full details (eventually) on:


All concerts diffused on our 20 channel diffusion system.

Saturday 5th Feb


Adrian Moore (diffusion)

Jens Hedman Relief
Alain Savouret Dulcinea (from Don Quixote Corporation)
Adrian Moore Power Tools v.1
Beatriz Ferreyra Rio de los Pajaros Azules
Christian Zanesi Constructions Metalliques


Peter Hill (piano)

Bach Prelude and fugue in E flat minor, from Book 1 of the '48'
Adrian Moore For Peter
Messiaen La Buse variable (buzzard)
                   La Chouette hulotte (tawny owl)
                   L'Alouette lulu (woodlark)
Bach Prelude and fugue in C sharp minor (from Book 1 of the '48')
Adrian Moore For Peter (repeat performance)
Messiaen Le Traquet stapazin (balck-eared wheatear)
                   Le Courlis cendre (curlew)

Sunday 6th Feb


Sonic Environments

Pete Stollery Banchory Ears
Douglas Doherty Heart of the City
Diana Simpson Stratus
Paulina Sundin Crisalida
Natasha Barrett Three Fictions


Exposition of Swedish Electroacoustic Music
presented by Matts Lindstoem: directer of EMS, Stockholm
(more details to follow)

All tickets on door
7 pounds (3 pounds concs.)
Weekend Ticket (all 4 concerts) 20 pounds (10 pounds concs.)
6pm concerts 1 hour long (no interval)
8pm concerts 1 1/2 hours long (including 15 minute interval)

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