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Subject: Job announcement
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Date: Thu Jan 20 2005 - 06:18:33 EST

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The Department of Music invites applications for a tenured position in
Music Technology at the Professor or Associate Professor level.


Music Technology is a multidisciplinary cooperation at NTNU, which
currently involves the following departments: The Department of Music,
the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications and the Department
of Computer and Information Science. The Department of Music is
administratively responsible for a three-year multidisciplinary
Bachelor's programme in Music Technology. A Master's programme in Music
Technology will be incepted in the autumn term of 2005.


The position consists of teaching and creative work/Research and
development (R&D). The Professor must also agree to participate in
administrative work related to the position. The position might be a
joint position. Applicants should therefore specify if they have any
preferences regarding the percentage of a possible joint position.


The successful applicant must be able to demonstrate basic knowledge
within all, as well as extensive knowledge within some of the following
subject areas:

*Sound Engineering (practical teaching skills required)*

*Sound Distribution and Sound Installation Systems*

*Electro-acoustic Music, Computer Music, Composition*

*Analysis and Synthesis of Sound and Music, Digital Signal

*General - and music-related programming*

*Creative, performing skills within Music Technology*


It is important that the successful applicant actively contributes to
advanced development within the study programme Music Technology, as
well as actively contributes to a creative international research
community within the field of Music Technology.


The evaluation committee will call attention to the applicants'
background within Music and Technology, and it is of great importance
that extensive disciplinary qualifications and creative research in
these fields can be documented at doctorate level or equivalent.


The successful applicant for the position must be able to document
his/her extensive disciplinary qualifications in important fields within
the discipline. His/her individual work must document
artistic/scientific expertise in one or more parts of the discipline,
particularly within the specialist fields for which the professorship
has specific responsibility. Weight will be placed on the ability to
supervise and initiate research and development work.

Weight will be placed on pedagogical skills. The evaluation of the
candidate will be based on documented pedagogical material, including
pedagogical education/training, the presentation of academic work and
experience from supervising masters-level students and doctoral
candidates, and teaching as well as other pedagogical matters. The
evaluation will consider both the quality and the scope of the material.

Academic staff who are employed without having a formal pedagogical
qualification in university-level teaching and who are unable to
document equivalent qualifications, are required to successfully
complete a recognized course that gives a pedagogical qualification in
university-level teaching within two years of taking the appointment.
The University offers such courses.

Applicants who have been short-listed will be invited for interviews and
a demonstration of their pedagogical ability.

The successful applicant for the position is to be jointly responsible
for academic matters together with other academic staff in the
Department. The Professor / Associate Professor is required to
participate in teaching activities in accordance with the relevant
curriculum and to assist in further developing the teaching programme,
including continuing education. She/he will be expected to supervise
masters students, research fellows and doctoral candidates in his/her
discipline. She/he must agree to participate in administrative work.

The successful applicant for the position is obliged to follow the
regulations that concern changes and developments within the discipline
and/or the organizational changes concerning activities at the University.

The appointment will be made in accordance with the regulations in force
concerning State Employees and Civil Servants. The appointed Professor /
Senior Lecturer must agree to seek accommodate in accordance with
required presence at NTNU.

Newly-employed staff in academic positions who are not already fluent in
a Scandinavian language must within three years obtain knowledge of
Norwegian or another Scandinavian language at an equivalent standard to
level three in the Norwegian for Foreigners courses provided at the
Department of Language- and Communication Studies. The University
provides such courses.

The position as Professor is remunerated according to salary levels 62
to 86 on the Norwegian State salary scale, with gross salary from NOK
437 400 to NOK 778 100 a year. Professors are normally remunerated at
salary level 62. Associate Professor is remunerated to salary levels 54
to 78, with gross salary from NOK 378 200 to NOK 608 300 a year.
Associate Professors are normally remunerated at salary level 54. A
compulsory 2% will be deduced and paid into the Norwegian state pension

Further details about the position can be obtained from Associate
Professor Carl Haakon Waadeland, tel. +47 73 59 73 35, E-mail: <>

Applicants are asked to give an account of their pedagogical
qualifications in accordance with prepared guidelines ("Documentation of
an applicant's pedagogical qualifications") which can be obtained from
the following Internet address:

Each applicant for the position must submit 5 copies of the application
along with certified copies of certificates, testimonials and a list of
artistic/academic work, and 5 sets of their:

_Artistic/academic work_ - published or unpublished - that has
relevance to the evaluation of the applicant's qualifications by the
evaluation committee (not more than 10 such submissions).

_A description_ of all the artistic/academic work that the
applicant feels is most significant and that he/she feels the evaluation
committee should pay particular attention to.

_A list of all_ publications with bibliographical references.

Joint work will be evaluated. If it is difficult to identify the
contributions from individuals in a joint piece of work, applicants
should enclose a short descriptive summary of what he/she contributed to
the work.

The work force within the public sector should reflect the immensity of
the general population. Thus, an important aim within personnel policy
is to achieve a balanced composition of staff members, as well as
recruit people from minority backgrounds. People from minority
backgrounds are therefore encouraged to apply to this position.

Applications should be sent to the Norwegian University of Science and
Technology, Faculty of Arts, NO -7491 Trondheim. The application
*_deadline is 31 January 2005_*. The file number for the position
(HF-250) must be clearly stated on the application.




Andreas Bergsland,
Institutt for Musikk
7491 Olavshallen

E-post: Tel : 73 59 73 43 Mob: 922 677 51

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