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Subject: Re: reply to Myriam's post
From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2005 - 16:06:57 EST

For Odin's sake lets just let this drop?

Kevin, I'd call on your assistance here - surely I have the right to say
what I wish to say, without continual discussion when I've asked for the
subject to be dropped several times.


A Dontigny wrote:

> Miriam,
> I am saddened. By reading your posts, I tought you would be more
> coherent with yourself: you have the right to express your ideas, but
> you must accept dissenting opinions.
> I have women friends who share your opinions about feminism and it's
> excesses, your opinions doesn't shock me. I was simply referring to
> the tone you used, different from the one you usually use on the list.
>> oh, and btw, i am entitled to use the words i choose, as i choose.
>> after all, i'm a woman in a free world, aren't i? ;)
> Yes, you can choose any words you like, Humpty Dumpty ;)
>> you've got to allow /me/ the right to free speech too.
> And you must grant others the same right: stop turning polite
> arguments into personnal attacks.
>> read this list by thread [...] you'll see that my argument was
>> entirely seperate to Kris's dialogue, although i am thankful for his
>> support to my postings, as a friend.
> Flaming is _not_ dialogue.
> Someone replying to _your_ posts got flamed by _your_ friend and _you_
> thanked him publicly on the list for it: accept your responsabilities.

99% of aliens prefer Earth

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