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Subject: Re: reply to Myriam's post
From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2005 - 15:15:47 EST

why are we talking about this constantly then? why not let the subject drop?

oh, and btw, i am entitled to use the words i choose, as i choose. after
all, i'm a woman in a free world, aren't i? ;)

exactly the world that the Feminazi's fought for.

by the laws of Affirmative Action - and by the US constitution - you've
got to allow /me/ the right to free speech too.

i choose that word, to demonstrate the effect to which they have
massacred society and the family home.

oh and kindly read this list by thread, in a decent mail application
like Mozilla Thunderbird.
you'll see that my argument was entirely seperate to Kris's dialogue,
although i am thankful for his support to my postings, as a friend.


A Dontigny wrote:

> Miriam,
> The abusive flaming of Jean Piché by Kwis was no "debate" and
> certainly not "humor". Jean's reply was polite, despite his
> understandable outrage at some of the ideas you expressed.(And if I
> may add: your constant use of the neologism "feminazi" doesn't help
> your case either, because it tints your point with unnecessary fanatism.)
> Problems of this nature happens in all mailing lists, but condoning
> the actions of Kwis will not help keep the cec mailing list what it
> is: one of the few lists about music that is not centered on time
> consuming flaming wars and on answering internet trolls.
> Thank you.
>> I could say there are some other, equally objectionable members on
>> this list, however I wont name names. Some people do it with swear
>> words, others do it with snide personal attacks of the sort that I
>> received over the last week, simply because I entered into debate.

99% of aliens prefer Earth

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