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Subject: Re: reply to Myriam's post
From: A Dontigny (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2005 - 13:22:40 EST


The abusive flaming of Jean Piché by Kwis was no
"debate" and certainly not "humor". Jean's reply
was polite, despite his understandable outrage at
some of the ideas you expressed.(And if I may
add: your constant use of the neologism
"feminazi" doesn't help your case either, because
it tints your point with unnecessary fanatism.)

Problems of this nature happens in all mailing
lists, but condoning the actions of Kwis will not
help keep the cec mailing list what it is: one of
the few lists about music that is not centered on
time consuming flaming wars and on answering
internet trolls.

Thank you.

>I could say there are some other, equally
>objectionable members on this list, however I
>wont name names. Some people do it with swear
>words, others do it with snide personal attacks
>of the sort that I received over the last week,
>simply because I entered into debate.

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