Simultaneity - update

Subject: Simultaneity - update
From: pmw music (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2005 - 12:07:05 EST

Dear all,

just a quick update on the progress of the
Simultaneity project.

My apologies to have not given feedback sooner, but
Christmas and ill health have held the process up a

I am still receiving recordings and would very much
like to receive any remaining recordings from those of
you who haven't sent them yet.

There are some excellent sounds - the dawn choruses of
New Zealand, the clock shop in San Francisco,
motorbikes in Mumbai, distant Norwegian chatter,
clocks in London, New York, Germany, etc - its a long
list and it's quite extraordinary when you put them
side by side.

The interest in the project has been superb with the
first radio coverage on Resonance FM (UK) on Feb 9th
at 7.30. The installation will receive a 'test run' at
Battersea Arts Centre, London from April 11 - 18, with
audiences invited to come and give feedback - I will
be running a small system with 12 speakers.

It is then hoped to give the first proper airing at
Expo 966 in Scarborough in June - followed by an
installation in a London Gallery in October.

I am also hoping to use sounds from the installation
for an orchestra/choir commission I'm working on: it's
a piece to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the UN
charter, which premieres at the rather perfectly
shaped Albert Hall with the Royal Philharmonic on
October 19th - the plan is to run the speakers around
the top gallery and for there to be parts of the score
given over to/interacting with the installation -
well, that's the plan at least, we have to wade
through budgets and technical specs yet.

I am hoping that there will be more simultaneous
recordings before long, the project now has the
benefit of a production manager, John Sims and is very
close to having a management company to keep it on the
straight and narrow.

The web site continues to evade me (I'm very slow) but
there should be information, if not examples of
recordings, at withhin a week or so.

Needless to say, in all these things, I'm very aware
that much of the work of the project has come from
volunteers all over the world - no recording will be
used without crediting the recordist and I will seek
consent before using recordings in any form of public
presentation (broadcast, installation, web etc).

I will hope to give more info soon - please do send
any outstanding recordings!!

best wishes

Pete M Wyer

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