Re: Burroughs, Strobes (was Re: monitor refresh rates & epilepsy)

Subject: Re: Burroughs, Strobes (was Re: monitor refresh rates & epilepsy)
From: Richard Wentk (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2005 - 22:53:06 EST

At 02:51 18/01/2005, you wrote:

>strangely enough, if i'm feeling sensetive to a seizure coming on, or
>sometimes otherwise, i see a throbbing effect.
>i definately see throbbing at 60Hz, regardless of impending seizures or not.

If your old Sony wasn't as bad, I'd suspect a poor phosphor. Not all fade
times are equal.

I don't see throbbing at 60Hz, but I don't see the screen as a stable
surface. At 60Hz there seems to be some kind of primary disconnect in the
perceptual system that compensates for head position and creates the
impression of a flat area. I also wonder if basic focus isn't being stressed.

I'm about to buy one of these:

They've had rave reviews and are now much cheaper than they were.
Apparently these are one of the few TFTs with colour balance and brightness
that can match a CRT for photography, video and design.

>yes... the high extremes is where i have acute hearing also. strange,
>because a medication i took destroyed one of the aural nerves - the one
>which runs from your forehead to your cochlea (through the temporal lobes
>of course, which play a v. important in all this epilepsy/bipolar stuff).

A friend is an audiologist, and according to him there are a *lot* of
physical and perceptual processes happening in parallel. So the picture
we're usually given is massively oversimplified.

This is something I'd like to know more about.

>i tend to be pretty attune to noiseshape/effects - not entirely sure of
>what you're describing though and i'm very curious to know about it...

Not really sure what it is I'm hearing, or how to describe it. It's not a
direct experience of timbre, more of depth in the stereo field and general
smoothness and musicality. It seems pretty obvious to a lot of people, so I
doubt it's just me. I was playing a mix to someone who knows almost nothing
about music recently and she said 'Nice sound...' That was partly choice of
noiseshaping, I think. Contrariwise a certain well-known band's remaster
compilation recently sounded horrible, with obvious harshness right up at
the very top end.

It's probably worth mentioning that the latest Cubase SX3 with 32-bit
internal resolution and Apogee's old UV22HR dither on the output stage
sounds extremely smooth. I've never been a Cubase fan, but for various
reasons this version has made me change my mind.

And also that I was talking to one of the technical people at Meridian
recently (the hifi people, and owners of the MLP encoder technology used in
DVD-A) and he mentioned in passing that a certain well known pro-audio
system had only recently worked out how to do dither properly across
multiple plug-ins. And without that it sounded - to be polite - less
capable than it should have.

Freaky psychoacoustic stuff sounds interesting too. ;-)


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