Re: monitor refresh rates & epilepsy

Subject: Re: monitor refresh rates & epilepsy
From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2005 - 21:59:12 EST

Richard Wentk wrote:

> At 23:16 17/01/2005, you wrote:
>> jef chippewa wrote:
>>> 85Hz is a significant difference from 60/70, not optimal, but
>>> noticeably more stable. i immediately noticed the difference
>>> physically when i got my current monitor, and have never gone below
>>> a refresh rate of 85 since buying it.
>> thanks - thats good to know. i think it is the particular brand of HP
>> monitor i have, but 85 has been excellent this morning, since i
>> changed it i havent felt screen flicker quite so much (just a little,
>> but its probably more screen /glare/ now, which means i need a glare
>> shield)....
> Gods no. No one should *ever* use a CRT at less than 85Hz. Anything
> less is a fantastically efficient way to ruin your eyesight and make
> your working day extremely unpleasant and tiring.
>> i'm also glad its not going to lead to monitor burn-out which is what
>> i was concerned about...
> I've been overclocking my old Iiyama for more than four years now.
> It's nominally rated at 70Hz for 1600x1200, but I've been running it
> at 85Hz and it's only now starting to show signs of stress.
> Usually if you don't get smoke and showers of sparks in the first few
> seconds, it's okay. ;)


well, that sounds pretty cool... i've had strange effects - the screen
suddenly stretching back and forth - but with the crappy little speakers
i've borrowed for the time being (i'm using headphones to mix, my
monitor speakers are still being moved from country to country while i
emigrate) i think it may be the magnet effect, they're not proper
shielded things. it improved when i moved them, anyhow. 85Hz is nice,
but i can still see it strobe.... markedly less so than before. on a bad
day though like today, i can see every refresh...

what i would like to know is if a glare-resistant screen over the
monitor would help me, as it may not just be monitor flicker but glare
as well - considering i'm having problems still at 85Hz.... the
picture's nice and still but the light hurts my eyes...




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