Re: monitor refresh rates & epilepsy

Subject: Re: monitor refresh rates & epilepsy
From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2005 - 21:55:52 EST

Richard Wentk wrote:

> At 23:14 17/01/2005, you wrote:
>> its something that a friend of mine experienced as an IMAX
>> projectionist. he has a rare form of epilepsy and is absolutely fine
>> working as a projectionist, unusually - except for high speed, 64
>> frame/sec double projectors (3D)...
> IMAX polarises the L&R images separately, which is very disorienting.

yes... strangely enough, he's fine with the L&R images unless its the
extreme high speed ones at 64 frames a second from both sides. regular
IMAX and he's fine. but he does have an extremely rare and specific form
of epilepsy.

> He'd probably find the LCD shutter systems even worse though.

not so sure... havent asked but given the above, i'd say also that he's
fine with them. his neurologist certainly thought so.

>> which is a somewhat similiar effect i would guess...
>> 60-70Hz is almost unbearable at the moment. i have had chronic
>> seizures just while sitting at the computer (and yes, silly me can't
>> draw myself away from it although i take regular screen breaks if i
>> feel something coming on)...
>> maybe i'm hypersensetive?
> I don't think this is anything to do with epilepsy. I've always found
> anything less than 85Hz on a CRT unbearable. 75Hz on a 15" is sort of
> OK, but 60Hz on anything is intolerable, even for short periods.

its pretty damn horrible to work with, thats for sure. but with
impending seizures it can render the screen swimmy for a day or so, and
then i start flapping about. it is relevant to epilepsy - other than
these enquiries i've hardly been able to look at the screen, yesterday
was awful. it depends on the CRT too... my nice Trinitron which is
presently overseas has never had this effect on me - the HP is not quite
as flat-screen though.

could also be that i have a very high-speed nVidia gamer's graphics card
- but that should improve things i would think?



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